Pet Health Care Plan

The Pet Health Care Plan began at Providence Veterinary Hospital over thirty years ago. The plan has provided many pet owners the opportunity to enjoy fixed costs for pet health care. The Pet Health Care Plan is not an insurance policy. It is a promise to deliver necessary and predictable health care to your special pet at a reduced fixed cost.

Generally, pet owners have been able to save 40% or more on predictable care, providing the necessary procedures to keep your pet healthy. For over thirty years, our Pet Health Care Plan has been a resounding success among our clients.

Each pet owner is different and each pet will have different needs. However, there is a common denominator for puppies and kittens and one for adult dogs and cats. Puppies and kittens need certain basic care such as initial vaccinations. As pets get older, their needs change, yet the basic needs mixed with preventive health care are predictable. If you are interested in discounting those predictable needs by 40% or more with ourPet Health Care Plan, please contact us today or during your next visit.