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Happy Clients

We want to thank Dr. Herman for his help with our two dogs. As new dog owners, we really appreciated the care and attention you gave them. Your examination of Chubby and Boo-Boo made us all happier because we now have a better understanding of our pets and their health.

P.C. New York, NY

Happy Clients

I would like to extend a long overdue thank you to Dr. Herman for taking excellent care of my eleven-year-old Lab/Husky mix Sierra through her surgery and recovery.  Sierra had a cancerous tumor on her front leg and I was given no other option but amputation until my visit with Dr. Herman.  I highly recommend Providence Veterinary Hospital, the staff and doctors are outstanding.

Deb Spille, Media, PA

Happy Clients

I recently had a visit with my Chihauhau. I was very upset. I called the office and they fit me in that same day. A very thorough exam was done. Fluids were given and I am very grateful to know that Provence Veterinary Hospital is still an office that treats you like family! They really do care! I highly recommend them!

Lori D

Happy Clients

I cannot thank Dr. Herman enough for all the time and attention he provided to Judy during her crisis, and the care he has always given and continues to provide to monitor her medications and overall health. The Wellness Program at Providence has made all the difference as has the Pet Healthcare Plan.


L.M. Chesterbrook, PA

Happy Clients

Our family wishes to express our sincere appreciation for the expert and caring treatment you provided for our cat. Your approach of evaluating her condition with a battery of medical tests insured that surgery and the follow-up was immediately successful and without incident. Many, many thanks.


D.K. & W.K. 

Happy Clients

“Not only is Dr. Herman a fantastic surgeon, he is a tremendous and caring vet with an old-school practicality that is no-nonsense.  In a modern world of hype and corporately owned veterinary practices, it is wonderful to have my beloved dogs in the car of a genuinely professional doctor.”


D.T.R., Rose Valley, PA.K. & W.K.